Free, Easy, and Powerful Data Visualization tool for Analysts and Marketers

18-19 May 2022 | 2PM - 5PM

Training Overview

As marketers and analysts, we spend all day looking at data. Visualization tools today are powerful to help gain insights. Google Data Studio is a powerful and free tool that:

  • Imports data sources through over 160 connectors including Google Analytics, Adwords, Google Marketing Cloud, common relational database platforms and Facebook Ads/Insights.
  • It allows easy drag and drop construction of charts with drill-downs and filters.
  • Allows simple query extraction and analysis without knowing SQL (Structured Query Language).

Why Should You Use It?

  • You are an Analyst, Marketer or
  • You want to create more influence at your company. 
  • You want managers and other teams to truly listen to your business insights.
  • You work with clients and would like to streamline reporting.
  • You want to gain marketable business skills (every business needs useful data and insights).
  • You work with digital analytics data in any capacity and would like to get more value out of it.
  • You manage spend on paid search or social media platforms to drive traffic to your site.
  • You are a Marketer who wants to improve your data presentation skills.
  • You are a Business Owner who wants to improve your bottom line.
  • You’ve spent time visualizing data in other systems like R, Excel, or other BI tools.


The workshop consists of lectures, hands-on exercises and projects

Participants are encouraged to be interactive during the training session

This online training will be conducted over Zoom video conferencing

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