Online Training:DATA ANALYTICS 101

Using SQL to Retrieve and Analyze Data Quickly and Efficiently

20-21 & 27-28 April 2022 | 2PM - 5PM

Training Overview

This course is designed for people who want to answer business questions with data. We will be using Bigquery and SQL (Structured Query Language) as our primary data warehouse to access and analyze the data stored in the database.

SQL is a powerful tool and is easy to get started with. It also helps you generate compelling reports. It is used by big and small companies alike to tackle challenging analytics problems and answer questions to improve business processes, operations and sales ROI.

Training Objective

Understand various data models used in analytics and Bigquery data warehouse.

Understand why relational databases are useful and what you can do with them.

Use SQL effectively to create customer analytic records (CARS) analyses on customer profile and transactional data

from e-commerce settings.

Benefits of Attending

Get a solid introduction to analytics and 

data-driven decision making.

Learn to retrieve large amounts of records

from a database quickly and efficiently.

Gain a good understanding and practical experience using SQL to analyze data.

Have experience analyzing big data sets that traditionally would be difficult to analyze using MS Excel and other similar tools.

You should also attend if you are asking these questions:

How do I easily explore and extract insights from my data?

Who Should Attend

I have too many rows and columns in my Excel sheets, causing it to crash on me.

People who need to conduct basic data analysis and presentation from these departments:

IT, Marketing, Product Marketing, Product Development, Digital Marketing, CRM, Finance, HR, Business Development, Data Analyst, Sales, etc.

How can I work more effectively?

How do I make my data analysis reproducible?

How do I use data-driven presentations to convince stakeholders?


This online training will be conducted over Zoom video conferencing.

This training consists of lectures and hands-on exercises.

Participants are required to actively engage with the hands-on component.

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