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Upskill in Digital Marketing and Data Analytics in this fast-changing world

What you will learn from this 6-hour Online Training : 

  • Be prepared for the upcoming discontinuation of Universal Analytics, Google Analytics 4's predecessor.
  • Know how to utilise Google Analytics 4 to give you insights on your business and users.
  • Understand how to analyse the data collected and make it actionable.


How to Navigate GA4 Reports & Use Advanced Features Before the Big Change

This advanced 2-day workshop focuses on

  • Collecting essential data
  • Key tracking needed
  • Extracting large data sets
  • Visualizing the data
  • Generating detailed reports
  • Interpreting reports
  • Gaining actionable insights


Track and Analyze the Performance of your Website

  • This course is designed for people who want to answer business questions with data. We will be using Bigquery and SQL (Structured Query Language) as our primary data warehouse to access and analyze the data stored in the database.
  • SQL is a powerful tool and is easy to get started with. It also helps you generate compelling reports. It is used by big and small companies alike to tackle challenging analytics problems and answer questions to improve business processes, operations and sales ROI.


Retrieve and Analyze Data Quickly and Efficiently

You will benefit from this course if...

  • You are an Analyst or Marketer
  • You want to create more influence at your company.
  • You want managers and other teams to truly listen to your business insights.
  • You work with clients and would like to streamline reporting.
  • You want to gain marketable business skills (every business needs useful data and insights).
  • You work with digital analytics data in any capacity and would like to get more value out of it.
  • You manage spend on paid search or social media platforms to drive traffic to your site.
  • You are a Marketer who wants to improve your data presentation skills.
  • You are a Business Owner who wants to improve your bottom line.
  • You’ve spent time visualizing data in other systems like R, Excel, or other BI tools.


Convert data into customizable informative reports and dashboards

You will benefit from this course if...What you will take away from this course are the following:

  • Learn to write Python programs from scratch and build useful scripts, automation, and applications
  • Be proficient in using idiomatic Python programming for day to day work
  • Effectively apply your Python skills in the data science domain
  • Confidently label yourself a Python Developer


Build websites and software, automate tasks, and conduct data analysis

There are ten comprehensive modules in the program that cover all the disciplines involved in best practice digital marketing:

  1.  Digital Marketing Foundations
  2. Website Optimization
  3. Content Marketing
  4. Social Media Marketing
  5. SEO
  6. Paid Search
  7. Display & Video Advertising
  8. Email Marketing
  9. Analytics
  10. Digital Strategy


(Diploma Certification)

Empower your team to maximize the impact of your marketing through

powerful digital tools.


Persuasion Technologies was founded in 2010 and is a Google Analytics Certified Partner, Google Marketing Platform Partner and Google Cloud Certified Partner based in Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and Indonesia.

Our team consists of Web Analysts, Online Media Buying Analysts, Data Analysts, Data Engineers and Programmers. Our goal is to provide solutions in helping our clients systematically increase revenues through data-driven marketing.


Our services include Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager audit & implementation, data warehousing solutions & analytics, digital marketing & online media buying with data insights, and training. We work with brands and partners across South East Asia in driving insights and optimization for their media buying and web analytics projects. 


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